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If you're new to the Guide to Matched Betting site, or to matched betting in general, you're probably wondering what we're talking about. Well, that's easily explained in this guide.

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If you've got your head around what matched betting is, and want to explore the possibility of turning this into a full-time income, this guide is for you.

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When you're matched betting, one of the biggest and most important decisions you'll make is which matched betting site to use. We help make that decision easier with this review.

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Some Facts About Guide to Matched Betting...

We're Matched Bettors Too

This site is for matched bettors, by matched bettors. We place a huge volume of matched bets every day of the week, so can provide up-to-date expertise wherever needed.

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We Were New Once
Everyone was new once - including us! We understand all of the reservations, concerns and struggles you may have when trying to get to grips with the process.

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Completely Honest Advice
Most matched betting sites simply want to promote Profit Accumulator. However, you can read the post below to see we're 100% honest to our readers.

Profit Accumulator Honest Review

We Help With Sports Betting
As well as matched betting, we also help with sports betting tips to help you get the most from your regular sports punts or bets. Regular bets can help improve your bookmaker profile.

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We Help With Betfair Trading
Getting slightly more complicated and technical, we also help and provide advice for sports trading on Betfair and other exchanges. This can increase your earnings even further!

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We Have Our Own Subreddits
We have two communities set up on Reddit for you to make the most of. r/GuidetoMatchedBetting and r/BackAndLay. Come say hey!

If you're new to the world of matched betting, you may want to check out our matched betting basics. Here, we cover all of the fundamental things that you need to get your head around before beginning your exciting new matched betting career. 

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If you're already well aware of the powers of matched betting and how it all works, you may be looking for our matched betting tips. This section is highly useful for taking your bonus hunting profits from a good level to a level you'd never previously believe was possible. 

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Betfair trading is something highly exciting and it often comes alongside matched betting, with bettors looking to maximise their earnings and diversify into new areas. Trading is slightly riskier than matched betting, but can be more rewarding too. You also can't get gubbed!

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Guide to Matched Betting

Welcome to the start of your successful new life! We are the ultimate matched betting blog and resource for matched betting tips, sports betting tips, Betfair trading advice and more. With our help and support, you can earn consistent betting profit every single month - it's tax-free and 100% legal, so what are you waiting for?

We founded Guide to Matched Betting in order to help both new and experienced matched bettors extract more value and more profit from greedy bookmakers. Remember, matched betting is the only way to beat the bookies for certain - extremely low risk, huge rewards. Did you know that earning £2k-per-month with our matched betting advice is the equivalent of a £30,000 salary (or even more if it takes your total income above £43,000!) due to it being tax-free.

Matched betting does take a few days to get used to, and it is hard work if you want to make the big money, but you can still easily make a few hundred pounds extra every month with minimal effort - that covers your annual holiday, Christmas, birthday presents, and more! Need a matched betting guide for dummies? You've come to the right place.

Claim your free beginner's course if you're looking to get started, or check out the rest of the guides around the site if you're looking to expand your knowledge or diversify your earnings from other sources. Good luck!

If you need any help from the number one no-risk matched betting mentor on the internet, please don't hesitate to contact us.