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Profit Accumulator Review 2017: Honest Review of Profit Accumulator

We guarantee this is the most detailed & honest Profit Accumulator review you will find anywhere in 2017. Discover the secrets that no-one else is willing to expose…

We get TONNES of requests for a Profit Accumulator review.

It might be the most popular request we get: people looking for an honest review of Profit Accumulator.

We completely understand why so many people ask for it. It can be really tough making decisions online with your money these days, especially when many people are worried that matched betting is a con.

There are plenty of other reviews out there, but as always on Guide to Matched Betting, we wanted to provide the most detailed, in-depth and trustworthy review possible for anyone wondering if Profit Accumulator ltd are any good.


Full Disclaimer:

Everything you read in this review is our genuine opinion and the opinion of many other former members that have helped contribute to this post. 

In the past we were affiliated with Profit Accumulator.

We breached our partnership agreement with Profit Accumulator in order to partner with Oddsmonkey in September 2016, even though every sale is now worth significantly less to us. 

We made this decision because we will only promote a service we truly believe in. 


General Overview of Profit Accumulator

There are hundreds of opportunities on Profit Accumulator every week for you to earn money, regardless of if you’re already signed up to bookmakers.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced matched bettor, or someone completely new to the idea with no clue what matched betting is.

Making money with the service is undeniable.

However, they aren’t the cheapest service around and they don’t provide as many tools as some competitors, even when you purchase their additional Platinum Plus membership which costs £15.99 for new customers – on top of the regular subscription fee of £22.99.

If you compare that to OddsMonkey, their entire service and ALL tools cost just £15-per-month (yes, for everything).

Note: We’ve now written up a separate Oddsmonkey review which includes an overview of all of their tools.

We often get people asking if there are any risks with Profit Accumulator, which there aren’t when it comes to matched betting the majority of the time.

Their service is usually absolutely fine. There are times when this isn’t the case, but we will get to that later in this review.

ProfitAccumulator offer a full refund if you do not make your money back, so you are essentially freerolling the process. Note: you will almost certainly make your money back in just one or two days – it only takes a couple of sign-up offers before you’re in profit.

Personally, when I joined I signed up for a full year to the paid ‘Platinum’ package. My twelve month membership cost me £150 and I was in profit after just two days, despite not understanding a thing about matched betting before I joined.

The monthly cost is £22.99 if annual subscriptions aren’t your thing, with a cheaper cost if you’re loyal to the site for a while.

However, times have changed and if I was to start matched betting today, I would not choose to subscribe with PA. Here’s why:

Oddsmonkey simply provide more matched betting tools for a lower price, and we’ve found their customer service to be absolutely incredible.

A good number of our favourite Profit Accumulator’s users (including former top 10 contributers) have now moved to Oddsmonkey – you can find out why for yourself by signing up for their free trial through this link.


We frequently have people emailing us asking “are Profit Accumulator legit?” and “does Profit Accumulator work?” – yes, they’re absolutely legit, and yes, it works well. Simple enough, right?

They’re not fake and they’re not illegal – they’re completely genuine.

They make it easy to earn thousands of pounds every year tax-free and legally. We’ve explored the other areas of their service in greater detail below…


Products & Services

Profit Accumulator have a variety of services on offer, helping you with all areas of matched betting from horse racing to football accumulator refunds. However, if you’re a new user and want all of their products, you’re looking at almost £40 per month in total membership fees as their additional software is not included in their main membership bundle.

In contrast, OddsMonkey actually offer their version of these products (and more on top) and include them all in their £15-a-month (or £150-a-year) membership fee.

This means that with Profit Accumulator, it would actually cost new customers £130 more a year if you paid annually, or a whopping £287.76 more if you pay monthly – and you get less products/tools than with OM!

Let’s scrutinise their products and services a little further…


Tutorials & Training Videos

In terms of basic training, they will guide you through the entire matched betting process extremely efficiently.

They have super simple beginner matched betting tutorials and well-produced videos that talk you through each and every offer step-by-step.

It’s incredibly hard to make a mistake when completing your offers because the tutorials take you through the whole process from start to finish; signing up, finding your bet, choosing which odds to go for, getting your free bet, choosing what you should place your free bet on, wagering or rollover requirements and more detail wherever necessary.

They write up a unique tutorial for each offer they put on their site – and these new betting offers go live every single day.


Matched Betting Calculator

One of the most off-putting things for beginners is wondering how much they need to bet on each outcome in order to make a profit.

Well, Profit Accumulator’s matched betting calculator is extremely simple to use – you just put your odds in from the bookmaker and betting exchange, put the stake of your bet or the free bet, and it will tell you exactly how much you need to lay off and what your profit will be – regardless of the outcome of the event you’re betting on!

The calculator doesn’t have the features that some other sites offer; they will typically advise you to use Trickybet for more advanced calculations that their product cannot offer. However, these features are available at some of their competitors.



ProfitAccumulator have developed their own in-house odds search software. They used to use OddsMonkey’s product before deciding to cancel ties with the company – something we think they will now regret…

Unfortunately their new Oddsmatcher has less features and covers less markets.

The oddsmatching software does include a range of different markets within football and horse racing.

It is still useful, because instead of needing to manually find odds on bookmaker websites for you to place your bet on, you simply choose the bookmaker within the oddsmatcher and the odds you’re looking for – the odds that are recommended in each guide that you’re following.

This can be used even for arbitrage bets.

Within the oddsmatcher you’re able to click on the odds and place your bet without ever needing to put any real effort in – their calculator is even built in to the software and does the calculations for you right there and then.

Minimal effort, that’s what we like. There’s nothing wrong with being lazy!


Matched Betting Forum

One of the best things about the company is the amount of help you get on their forum.

Because they’re currently the biggest matched betting site around, their matched betting forum is packed with other matched bettors at all levels of experience, moderators and Profit Accumulator staff willing to help with offers.

Not only are they willing to help, but members are also constantly sharing new tips, notifying others of great odds in certain markets and generally being all-round useful people.

The sad thing for us is that we used to prefer it so much more when they didn’t have real competition.

Everyone used to really get involved in help and discussion 24/7, with jokes flying around as everyone made huge sums of profit.

However, some of our favourite useful forum members have moved to Oddsmonkey, meaning we now prefer the insight that is shared on their forum instead.

There is also excessive talk of gambling on PA, even within non-gambling related threads.

Whilst moderators do try to stay on top of it, we’ve started referring to PA as Punter Accumulator due to the heavy volume of forum users regularly recommending the taking of poor odds matches and even a lot of outright gambles – we don’t believe that’s what matched betting should be about.

There is also a real issue with gloating which we think is actually detrimental to users and the matched betting industry as a whole. If everyone starts piling on with huge stakes because they see one or a few users bragging about how big they bet, we’re going to see fewer offers released and many more accounts being shut down.

As competition has grown more fierce, PA have failed somewhat to move with the times, and have resorted to over-zealous forum moderation amongst other things as they deal with the mounting pressure.

If you discuss other products on their forum, your comment will be removed and you will be warned – or even potentially banned.

We actually had a former user get in touch with us about the fact Profit Accumulator withheld over £200 in hard-earned affiliate payments after being banned.

We could relate extremely well to this user as we too had hundreds of pounds in unpaid earnings withheld by the company when we broke T&Cs by moving to their competitor. We accepted that fate for the benefit of our readers.

Fortunately, Oddsmonkey allow us to link to any company – including their competitors – because they believe in giving readers (that’s you!) a fair opportunity to make their own judgements. That’s why you’ll also find links to the likes of Profit Maximiser, MatchedBets and Profit Squad on our site, who all also believe in giving users a fair chance at making their own decisions.



As well as the forum moderators, Profit Accumulator’s support staff aren’t too bad.

They’re clued up on matched betting, but also provide good customer service whether you need to ask queries about their service or your membership via the phone or email.


Match Catcher

Launched around March 2016, the Profit Accumulator Match Catcher is one step ahead of their oddsmatcher – providing more up-to-date odds solely for horse racing special offers.

It updates in real-time, and specialises in finding odds on horse races in the lead up to offer races.

On Saturdays and during big horse racing events like the Grand National and the Gold Cup, the Match Catcher was a Godsend. It will save you hours of time every time you use it, helping to further improve your matched betting ROI in terms of both time and money.

However, as we said earlier in this post, this extra tool will cost you an additional fee every month.


Accumulator Software

Along with match catcher, this is another tool that will cost you an additional fee on top of your existing membership.

The ‘Acca Catcher’ will help you to complete accumulator offers with no fuss at all.

Accumulator offers are for slightly more experienced matched bettors (so don’t worry about them when first signing up!), and our acca catcher review would be that it really is useful for completing accumulators and also staying on top of them.

We just only wish it was included with the monthly fee like their competitors offer.



Many people are under the massively wrong impression that matched betting is only good for sign-up offers, and once you’re signed up to bookmakers you can no longer make any profit. This is completely WRONG!

Even if you already have a Coral account, or a Bet365 account, or any other bookmaker account for that matter, you can still make a great deal of money every month from matched betting.

This is because of one main thing: reload offers.

These are the offers you can take part in when you’re already signed up to a bookmaker. We’re not talking about having multiple betting accounts here, it’s much more simple than that.

Reload offers are where the real money is – consistent returns, month after month.

Profit Accumulator list all of the day’s or week’s offers all in one place – on their Platinum forum. This makes it easy to work your way through them on a daily basis.

In addition to reload offers, there are also a range of other enjoyable and extremely profitable offers to complete, such as casino offers and bingo offers. Yes, that’s right, they’ll teach you how to exploit Bingo offers and profit from them!


Comparison vs. Competitors

Profit Accumulator are the biggest matched betting site there is in terms of active users, and when you become so successful, you’re going to have people rising and trying to challenge you for the throne. It’s only natural.

The current match-ups for the title of ‘Best Matched Betting Site’ are the likes of Profit Accumulator vs. Oddsmonkey (OM), or Profit Accumulator vs. Profit Maximiser (PM).

But how do they compare when it comes to value for money?

Their support is good and their forum is the busiest matched betting forum around at the moment.

However, OM have more tools for matched betting purposes, and PM have more tools for making the most of casino offers.

We also prefer the tools from Oddsmonkey to those at Profit Accumulator for making long-term profits.

Aside from paid competitors, many people are also on the lookout for free matched betting sites and free Profit Accumulator alternatives.

Free matched betting sites are fine, if you want to earn £200-a-month profit. And some people do, that’s cool, we get it.

But for those that want to make ten times that amount, up to £2,000 a month profit, you have to invest just a tiny percentage of that in a site that will do all of the hard work for you.

ALSO READ: we now have a full comparison of the best paid and free matched betting sites.

If you don’t want to read that full breakdown, it explains why we choose Oddsmonkey as our most recommend matched betting company and why we chose Profit Maximiser for casino offers.


Success Stories

There are thousands upon thousands of Profit Accumulator success stories, and these are shouted about in the various clubs they have on their forum.

They have a £1k profit club, a £3k profit club, a £10k, a £25k, a £50k and even a £100k profit club that has several members in – all from matched betting through the site!

As well as providing many, many success stories on a regular basis, these clubs also provide motivation for many other matched bettors.

There is also a thread on the forum for showing off things you’ve purchased with your matched betting profits – further enforcing the success stories that every single member of the site will replicate.


Profit Accumulator Subreddit

There isn’t a section on Reddit for Profit Accumulator, but we do have one set up for matched betting – you can join us on there at r/GuidetoMatchedBetting.

We actually asked subscribers of our subreddit for their own Profit Accumulator opinions, so that you don’t just have to take our word for it…

Here’s what they had to say:

I’ve always heard people say the forum on PA was their strength and usp vs other match betting services. This may have been the case 12 months ago, but over-zealous forum moderation has killed any edge they had on other sites.

Aside from the forum, and moving on to their product in general, I’d say they are very expensive, once all the add-ons’ are purchased. You will find value for money on other sites on the net, with all the software required included.opengoaltrader

***Please remember, these are the opinions of genuine Reddit users and whilst we may agree with some of their points they may not reflect the exact opinion of Guide to Matched Betting.***

I signed up to PA over a year ago. They originally said they were capping membership at 10000 which has proved a lie. Hardly surprising when in 2013 the Darth Lord ripped off the idea from PM when he was a member, he also ripped off the tools/code from Odds Monkey.

The forum previously had a good vibe but now it’s a disaster, I have since moved to Odds Monkey which provide a far superior product and no addon charges…BangingNaughtyGirl

And finally…

Profit Accumulator are the most expensive and seem to regularly fail to inform their members of loopholes. I have been a pro gambler for a long time and am signed up to the other 3 – Profit Max, Profit Squad and Odds Monkey – let my PA sub expire. I figure I never know which one will have a loophole which could make me several grand in a day…” davyp82



All-in-all, Profit Accumulator is a good site. That advice comes to you from us – experienced matched bettors that have been doing this for a long time.

However, we just don’t believe they offer the value for money that their competitors offer – and we would recommend opting for Oddsmonkey instead for your sports matched betting, or Profit Maximiser if you think you’d prefer to invest your time in casino offers.

Here’s that free trial link for Oddsmonkey one last time – see how good they are for yourselves.

7 thoughts on “Profit Accumulator Review 2017: Honest Review of Profit Accumulator

  1. Hi, this is very interesting read but I have one question. If all these companies do well at match betting and bring in lots of money from the bookies why are the bookies allowing this to happen? They are losing profits surely and would like to see these sites closed down?

    1. The bookies don’t allow it to happen! It’s all about being smart. It’s such a small % of their revenue that is affected that it’s easy to go under the radar. Check out our posts on mug betting and also on being gubbed by bookies for extra info on this.

    2. The bookies aren’t really that bothered. At the end of the day, you are still depositing money in their accounts and betting and more often than not losing to them (even if you are balancing out a betting exchange). They don’t really care as long as there’s money coming in and you’re losing more than you are visibly winning. As long as you don’t make it blatantly obvious what you are doing you can do it for as long as you like.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for your awesome review of Profit Accumulator and odds monkey.
    My question is that does they work for People in Australia ?

    1. Matched betting works and the strategies that these sites teach would work, but the individual offers would not as they’re for UK-based bookies.

  3. Real difficult to trust this review when your article is padded with affiliate links to Oddsmonkey. What you write may or may not be true (I have no idea, and am trying to pick a service right now) but it’s difficult to take you on your word when you’re making cash off each click through.

    1. Fair enough, you’re entitled to your opinions but I’m fairly transparent about the links and also my past affiliation with PA within the disclaimer right at the start of the post. As stated in the disclaimer, I even sacrificed earnings with PA and sales with them are worth significantly more money. I don’t think you will find another site being more open and honest about these facts than we are.

      I choose to promote the best service for matched bettors, not the service that will make me the most money, and I don’t think I could be any more upfront about the affiliation.

      All I aim to do is help people make the best decision, and at this moment in time (in my opinion as an experienced matched bettor that gets to try out a wide range of services) that decision is OM for matched betting and Profit Maximiser for casino stuff. You can use this information to help make your own judgement and I hope you find the right one for you!

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