FPL Drinking Rules

Fantasy Premier League Drinking Game Rules

Fantasy Premier League drinking game rules

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Other players drink if…
Your player scores (3 fingers)
Your player assists (2 fingers)
Your player scores a hat-trick (whole drink)
Your captain scores a hat-trick (whole drink + 3 shots)
You get a clean sheet (defenders only, 2 fingers per clean sheet)
You drink if…
You have taken a points hit (2 fingers per -4)
Your player gets booked (2 fingers)
Your player gets sent off (whole drink)
Your player scores an own goal (3 fingers)
Your player misses a penalty (5 fingers)
Your player gets substituted (2 fingers)
Your captain gets substituted (4 fingers)
Your captain starts on the bench (5 fingers)
You say “I was going to put them in my team this/next week” after someone scores (2 fingers)
You moan that someone you transferred out has now scored points (2 fingers)
You say that someone who has already scored was going to be your captain (3 fingers)
Dele Alli scores and you’re the last person to wave (4 fingers)
Jason Puncheon scores and you’re the last person to dance like Alan Pardew (5 fingers)
EVERYONE drinks if…
Any 4.0 defender scores or assists (5 fingers)*
Any 4.5 midfielder or forward scores or assists (3 fingers)*
*From start of season prices
Any player scores an own goal (3 fingers, double punishment if it’s your own player)
Mike Dean awards a penalty (3 fingers)
McCauley scores (whole drink)

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