Banned from promotions

What Does ‘Gubbed’ Mean? Gubbings & How to Avoid Them

Ah, the feeling of being gubbed is definitely a strange one.

For months, or even years, you’re able to exploit a bookmaker through matched betting.

Despite matched betting being ‘risk-free’ (or close to it) when it comes to your money and your profits, there is one thing you have to be cautious of…

Being gubbed.


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How to lay a bet on horses and football

What is a Lay Bet?

If you’re looking to start matched betting, learning what a lay bet is – and how to place a lay bet – is an absolute necessity.

Every single bet you place will involve laying bets off.

The process sounds a lot trickier than it actually is; it’s extremely easy!


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Horse racing what is an arb

What is an Arb? The Secrets to Arbitrage Betting

In the betting world, and particularly in the matched betting world, you’ll often hear the term ‘arb’ banded around.

Some people criticise arbs, and for others it can be a solid source of income.

In fact, arbitrage betting is all the rage for some people.

So, what exactly is an arb?

What else is there you need to know about arbing?

We reveal all in this post.


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