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Sportingbet Sign-Up Offer & Review

Sportingbet is a sportsbook and casino that have been operating since 1998.

In that time they’ve grown from a small bookmaker to a big name in the industry operating around the world.

They now function in 26 different countries and boast an impressive 700,000 users worldwide.

There’s no doubt that they are a very popular bookmaker, so let’s take a look at what is fuelling this popularity.

This Sportingbet review will reveal all.

You can also find the latest Sportingbet sign-up offer below.


SportingBet New Customer Offer: Click Here

We recommend you deposit at least £20 into Sportingbet to avoid being flagged as a bonus hunter. Ensure you bet regularly and mix up your bet types.


Sportingbet believes in keeping betting simple.

Their software has a basic soft design and which uses bright colours to keep it light.

This gives a fairly amateur, but accessible, feel.

Their website is one of the cleanest out there, without all the usual banners and side games that clutter the screen.

Instead, it features the top events of the day and a clearly set out menu.

Sportingbet lets you customise your experience with a variety of options.

These include how you view the site and the odds offered and keeping navigation simple by selecting favourite events.

The site itself functions well and is quick to load.

You can flick between different pages with ease allowing you to keep an eye on several markets.

Everything is clearly laid out with login and different events labelled obviously on the screen.

Sportingbet has a fairly basic generic design that a lot of the sportsbooks seem to be using.

It lacks the busy nature of some of the other online bookmakers which give it a more focused and calm feel, making it functional for the user.


Mobile Betting App

Alongside their main website, Sportingbet have a mobile site and an app.

Both offer the complete functionality of their main site with access to all the events, markets and statistics.

Sportingbet have put the time in to make an app which is really user-friendly.

It’s easy to navigate, fast and light so it won’t slow down your system.

It’s simple to place bets or cash out with a swipe of your finger.

The Sportingbet app is available for IOS and Android so everyone can bet on the go.

Sportingbet are scoring reasonably highly with users.

The mobile software gets a lot of praise but the general usability of the software makes it simple to bet on a range of markets.


Range of Markets & Events

Sportingbet offer over 8,000 markets across their range of sporting events.

This includes the common choices (winner/lower) but also some more specialist results like last to score or total points.

As well as the mainstream lines offered, Sportingbet has some unique combination bets offered to the user.

These can be accumulators or just based on one game but can have some pretty decent payouts.

Sportingbet have markets for pretty much everything you’d want to bet on.

It’s worth noting that the bigger events generally have more lines available, and for smaller events, the betting is more basic.

They also have over 30 different sports to bet on.

This includes the popular choices of tennis, cricket, football and horse racing but also includes some more niche sporting events like water polo and handball.

Sportingbet also offers a range of virtual sports to bet on, these are fixed price games and probably not as fun as the real thing but are popular with some users.

They also offer markets on current events.

There is a politics section where you can bet on the major elections, voting results and world leaders.

Sportingbet game selection is varied enough to keep almost every user happy.

It doesn’t offer as many of some of their competition, it’s still a solid selection that they are constantly adding to.

They operate around the clock, covering sporting events from around the world.


Odds & Live Scores

Sportingbet odds are calculated using all of the available information and tend to be around the industry average.

They aren’t offering any prices that are regularly beating the market, but are ahead of some of the smaller sports books.

Sportingbet offer enhanced odds and betting promotions on certain events which are worth looking out for.

These can give some extra value to users and allow them to make some money.

Sportingbet does not have a streaming service but does offer live score updates as the event progresses.

They also allow access to key statistical data both from this event and previous events.

It is a little disappointing that there is no streaming service but with this data you can be fairly well informed about the teams involved and it might help you make a decision.


In Play & Cashout

Sportingbet have in play markets so you can place bets after the event has started.

The odds and constantly updated as the event progresses and scores change to give you an interactive betting experience.

Sportingbet can offer up to 300 betting lines on single events through the in play markets.

It’s great if you’re watching an event and think you see the way things are going to unfold or just to add a little excitement to your experience.

The In Play function can have slight delays in updating the scores and when placing bets there is a standard 15-25 second delay before the bet is accepted.

If using a mobile device you should make sure your connection is verified before placing any bets.

Sportingbet allow a cashout options on most pre match and in play bets.

This lets you cash out your bet before the outcome has been determined.

Depending on the situation this can mean you can out for a profit or a loss.

The cash out function is becoming more popular with sports betters because of the control it gives you.

If everything is going your way you can cash out for profit and limit the risk, alternatively you can save some money if things are going wrong.

Sportingbet, and all bookmakers, do take a percentage edge if you cash out so it might be worth trying to lay off your bet instead. Nevertheless it’s a great feature to help you keep control of your bets.


Promotions & Offers

Sportingbet offer various promotions throughout the year.

Generally these are deposit bonuses and the biggest are offered to new customers who sign up.

Deposit bonuses vary depending on the current promotion but have to be wagered a certain number of times before the money can be redeemed.

There are also a number of free bets and casino spins on offer to customers.

For all the latest information keep an eye on your inbox and their homepage.

Sportingbet are getting good feedback from the users about the experience they’d had with the games on offer, which are proving very profitable for some.


Deposits & Withdrawals

Sportingbet offer all the usual deposit options including bank cards, credit cards, paypal, moneybookers and other Ewallets.

Your withdrawals will have to be done through the same method as your deposit.

Sportingbet normally say cashouts are processed within 7 days but in our experience, and other peoples it can take a bit longer.


You will able be required to verify your account when you withdraw over a certain threshold.

You’ll have to scan and send in copies of your ID and proof of address to the customer service team.

This in turn can also be fairly time consuming and add to any wait time for withdrawals.


Customer Service & Reputation

Sportingbet operate a 24/7 live chat support feature along with email support to deal with your problems.

They also have direct phone numbers for a number of countries so you can get in touch.

Generally the customer service team seem quick to respond and help deal with the issues.

Allow extra time when dealing with an issue and you may have to be patient.

On top of the conventional customer service, Sportingbet have put together a fairly comprehensive guide to betting.

This includes all the key terms and some tips for betting and helps any users new to betting to get a head start.

Sportingbet has not actively been involved in any of the major scandals in the industry.


Despite a few challenges Sportingbet has adapted and thrived, remaining one of the noticeable names in the industry.

Sportingbet have shown themselves to be trustworthy, reliable and fair with the customers.

They’ve built up a loyal customer base through this and are a safe bet for gamblers.


Our Overall Thoughts…

Though a fairly popular sportsbook, Sportingbet still have the feel of a small operation.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because they are focused on their main service, sports betting.

Unlike other companies who seem to offer everything, Sportingbet are committed to their sportsbook and are constantly looking to improve it.

Their website is functional and easy to use, but the design is basic.

They have a good amount of variety in sports and markets but nowhere near as much as some of the larger bookmakers.

Despite some of the flaws Sportingbet is a solid sports betting company.

They have some decent variety, odds and promotions with great user friendly mobile software.

It’s definitely worth seeing what new deposit bonuses are on offer for new players and signing up to make the most of them.


SportingBet New Customer Offer: Click Here

We recommend you deposit at least £20 into SportingBet to avoid being flagged as a bonus hunter. Ensure you bet regularly and mix up your bet types.


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