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Coral Sign-Up Offer & Review

Coral are one of the most well-known companies around when it comes to sports betting.

They’re one of the core British bookmakers with almost 100 years experience in the industry.

Dating back to the 1920s Coral have a strong high street presence and have expanded into the online market successfully.

They’re primarily a sports better but have diversified so they now offer casino games and poker.

Coral pride themselves on the variety of betting they offer.

They’ve proven themselves as one of the most popular options around, so let’s take a closer look at Coral sports betting.

We will give you a detailed Coral review in this post, but without further ado, let’s give you the current Coral sign-up offer:


Coral New Customer Offer: Click Here

Remember to deposit at least £20 and also place regular mug bets when betting with Coral.


Coral has opted for a fairly basic interface on their site.

It’s recognisable with the prominent Coral logo and colouring on every page.

When you first login you’ll see the homepage has a lot going on, with promotional banners and the latest odds appearing prominently.

Coral software is clearly laid out so everything is easy to find.

The tabs at the top make it simple to move between games, pages and events.

They’ve identified all the popular options to make navigation as effortless and possible.

The login panel and account settings are available to the top left.

This lets you customise your experience by adjusting the odds format and preferred views.

You can also select favourites so you can access them rapidly.

The website loads fast and you won’t have to wait to quickly move between pages.

This is essential for betting sites where things move fast and you need to have markets accessible instantly.

Overall the Coral design is fairly basic and unimaginative but the substance underneath seems legitimate.

It’s a slick interface that is built to be extremely user-friendly so you can bet without any drama.


Coral Mobile App

Coral have developed software which can be used on mobile devices.

The mobile site has all the same functionality as their desktop site but condensed so you can see it all on a smaller screen.

Coral have also developed an App which is compatible with Apple, Android and Windows devices.

It too offers all the features of their full site and in some ways, it’s even less effort to use, with betting and cashout options at the tap of a finger.

Both of these have been developed well and allow you the full range of options on the move.

Access all the latest stats and updates and bet freely, with no reduced features and all the markets available.

We actually think their app and mobile site is better than their desktop site, which can sometimes be slightly buggy.


Sports & Markets

Coral are proud to host a wide range of games for users to gamble on.

This includes the common sports like tennis, football, rugby and cricket.

They also include markets for American sports like basketball and American Football.

Coral are most well known for their coverage of horse racing events.

They feature in depth coverage of all the major races and have unique promotions for the most popular.

They also offer all the up to date statistics and live coverage of the horse racing events.

Coral offers betting on major political and television events.

This covers elections and political leaders as well as TV competitions like X Factor.

Coral tends to focus on U.K and Western events rather than global, but they do have sporting events from all over the world.

Coral have a fairly diverse range of games but not the biggest by any means.

They don’t host a lot of the smaller events and don’t feature every match from bigger events.

Coral still have enough sporting events to satisfy almost everyone’s needs and certainly enough to get you started.

For all of the sports offered Coral has a range of markets you can bet on.

The lines vary from the ordinary winner/loser bets to the more off the wall specific action betting.

There offer specific event results or tournament/competition outrights which can be placed far in advance of events.

For any specific event, you’ll find Coral are offering up to a few hundred different lines you can bet on, letting you bet with complete freedom.


Odds & Cash Out

Coral have some of the best prices around in a lot of markets.

Their traders are great at setting fair lines and analyse the competition to stay in and around the others in the industry.

Coral do have a slightly higher margin than some other bookmakers, coming in at 6% average rather than 5% like a lot of others.

However, this is unbalanced their margin on specific sports (like horse racing) is often lower, giving great value.

Coral odds are hard to beat, with only a few bookmakers consistently matching or doing better.

If you’re looking for the best possible return you might have found the right place.

Coral also offer a cash out feature to keep you in control of your betting.

Before your bet has been fully resolved you’ll have the option to cash out fully or partially.

The value will depend on how your team is doing and the current score.

If you’re doing well then you can cash out for some guaranteed profit, if your team is losing you might decide to cut your losses.

Sporting events can be volatile and momentum can shift in an instant.

Generally cashing out will cause long term losses, but it’s great to lock up some profit if you’re feeling the pressure.


In-Play & Streaming

Coral have an in-play betting feature that allows you to place bets after events have started.

The odds are changed as the game/match progresses and altered depending on the ongoing score.

Placing in play bets with Coral is simple, you’ll just have to add the selection to your betslip, input the stake and place the bet.

There is often a brief loading time to make sure the odds don’t dramatically change while it’s being placed.

You’ll find sometimes that odds can be frozen when something is happening in the game, this will stop you placing bets even if it’s already in your betslip.

The in-play action is perfect if you like to see the form of the team before you bet.

You can watch and if you think you can predict the outcome it’ll mean profit for you.

In-play is one of the best ways to have extra action on your favourite events.

Coral have kept it simple and offer it in almost every event.

Coral have live streams for a number of events so you can watch the action unfold.

They cover all major sporting events with a specific focus on horse races.

To watch the live streams you’ll need to have an account set up, funded and you’ll have to have placed a bet within the last 24 hours.

The live stream is a great feature if you’re on the go and don’t want to miss out on the action you’ve bet on.


Coral Promotions

Coral have some of the best promotions in the industry, especially when it comes to new customer offers.

Coral also offer enhanced odds bets for regular players, and even the lucrative Coral VIP scheme.

Keep an eye on the ‘offers’ tab on their site to see what’s happening each week or month.


Coral New Customer Offer: Click Here

Remember to deposit at least £20 and also place regular mug bets when betting with Coral.


Deposits & Withdrawals

Coral accepts all the major deposit options from bank cards, credit cards, Ewallets and Paypal.

They don’t charge for withdrawals or deposits but they do have to be processed the same way.

Coral seems to be one of the quicker bookmakers for processing withdrawals.

You should allow up to 7 days (depending on withdrawal method) but most people get it sooner without issue.

Following legislation Coral will probably ask you to verify your account by proving your identity and address.

You can do this by scanning your ID and a recent bill and sending it to the customer service team. From there it should only take a couple of days.


Customer Service

Coral have a dedicated customer service team to help solve any issues that may arise.

The first port of call is their FAQ section which is a detailed database holding a lot of useful information.

The FAQ section has a handy search feature so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

If the FAQ lets you down or you prefer to ask a real person then the customer service team is available through live chat, email or over the phone.

Live chat is monitored 24/7 and is normally quick to respond.

As with a lot of sports betting sites, there have been criticisms made of their customer service and they have taken steps to improve it.

You may have to be patient and problems can take longer to resolve than you think.



There are some reports of Coral limiting their winning players quickly, but this is a common practice with bookmakers now.

So if you are constantly booking wins then don’t be surprised if they limit your account.

However, if you’re a regular punter, you can expect many promotions being thrown your way.

Coral are one of the best-established gaming companies in the industry so there isn’t much risk in using them.

Always check the Ts and Cs if you’re placing big bets so you can see if there’s a max winning rule.

Coral are doing a decent job at giving a well-rounded experience for the user allowing for flexible gaming.


Coral Review Conclusion

Coral scores highly across the board and you can see why they’re one of the industry favourites.

Their user-friendly interface makes betting simple and their good odds make it an even more attractive option.

Coral also offer decent bonuses with regular promotions for all players.

Coral’s website, however, isn’t the best designed in the world. Their app and mobile site performs much better on a regular basis.

Coral could benefit from adding a few more events to their line up which users could bet on and their customer service does seem to struggle in a few areas.

Despite this, Coral have shown themselves to be a reliable bookmaker who are offering users a fun experience.

Whether you’re an experienced sports better or completely new to bookmaking then they’re definitely one you should consider.

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