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What is Matched Betting? How to Exploit Bookmaker Sign Up Offers

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a low risk form of gambling, typically on sporting events. This is also commonly referred to as ‘bonus hunting’. By using free bets and other promotions, matched bettors guarantee profits by having all outcomes of a match or an event covered.

Whilst people think that free bets are in limited supply, with no-risk matched betting you can ensure they keep coming in day after day.

“It is a betting technique used by individuals to profit from free bets and other incentives offered by bookmakers. It is generally considered risk-free as it is based on the application of a mathematical equation rather than chance.” – Wikipedia.

The definition above makes things seem a little complicated, so let’s try and describe it in a way that you can easily understand:


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Black Friday betting deals

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Betting Offers (The Best of the Web!)

Most posts that you read at this time of year will tell you how you can spend your hard-earned cash on loved ones (or yourself!) over Christmas.

This post is very different. 

We’re hoping this can help you earn money, rather than spend it!

We’ve been scouring the web for the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday betting deals, and we’ve rounded them up here in one place.

With the Cyber Monday offers below and a bit of hard work, your Christmas may be paid for.

Please remember, some of these offers were exclusive to Black Friday and therefore will now be expired.



MatchedBets £1 Deal

MatchedBets Logo

You can join MatchedBets for just £1 today via this link.

You won’t find the offer on their site and therefore must go through the link above.

We recommend trying to be a part of multiple matched betting communities and groups if you’re looking to take this seriously — you never know where the next big loophole will be discovered!

In the £1 deal, you’ll get full premium access for a week, meaning you can access all of the offers, tools and the community.


Caan Berry Trading Products

If you’re interested in learning to trade on Betfair Exchange (where you can’t get gubbed!) then Caan’s horse racing trading guide or video pack might be of use.

Or, maybe his tennis trading guide might interest you.

Caan’s trading guides (both horse racing and tennis) are almost half price, and his advanced video pack has a massive £50 off.

All three products are available right here.

We reviewed the video pack on this site previously and rated it 5-stars!


Free Lottery

This is a really simple one.

There is a free national lottery. It is free forever.

The draws are done every day, and twice weekly.

It is completely free, there is no catch.

As matched bettors, we love free money. So it’s worth being involved for the chance of an extra win every day!

Sign up here

Good luck!


Football Scanner

One of our favourite betting tools is the Football Scanner from InPlay Trading.

We wrote up a review of it a while back:

Inplay Trading Review: IPT Football Scanner Review 2017

They are offering a fantastic 3 months for the price of 2, meaning you get a 50% membership bonus, or 33% off the total price, whichever way you want to look at it.

For this offer, you’ll need to do it in two stages:

Firstly: Sign up here

Secondly: Add the product to your cart here


0% Commission on Matchbook


You can get 0% commission on all sports on Matchbook for two whole months.

This offer runs from December 1st 2017 to January 31st 2018, but you must opt-in before December. This means that on Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, you’re almost out of time already.

You can access this offer here.

This offer is exclusive to Oddsmonkey members.


Half-Price First Month Membership at Oddsmonkey

Oddsmonkey best matched betting

Already an incredibly competitively priced service, and our number one recommended service here on GTMB, Oddsmonkey are doing half-price membership in the first month for all new customers.

This means that new members can enjoy the profitable Oddsmonkey experience for just £7.50.

To claim this offer, join here and use the code FRIDAY17 when upgrading to premium.


Racing UK £10/10 Months

Racing UK are offering a great saving on their live coverage of UK horse racing.

With this offer you will save over £145 in the year.

For more details you can visit


Betting Mastermind HUGE Saving

We had to put this enormous saving in at the top of this list.

This one is for serious matched bettors, but Betting Mastermind is a massive collection of products and usually costs £688 + VAT.

For Black Friday only, you can get it for just £180 + VAT through this link.

This is the most expensive purchase on this deals list, but it’s also the biggest saving (by far!) too.


We’ll be adding Black Friday free bets, Cyber Monday gambling offers and more as we find them!


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Extra Place offers & each way bet tips

Each Way Betting System & Profiting from Extra Place Offers

Are you looking to profit from each way bets and extra place offers?

It’s extra places that allow me to pull in my biggest and most consistent profits each month.

The reason these types of bets are so great is simple:

You’re not limited by the size of potential free bets — meaning you can win hundreds or thousands in profit from a single race — and you can use gubbed accounts too.

Whilst things may seem confusing to pick up at first, everything becomes clear once you have placed a few bets for yourself.

Fortunately for you, I’ve made the process even easier for you.

Let’s take a look: (more…)

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How to play small pocket pairs

How to Play Small Pocket Pairs

We’ve all had the struggle of thinking of the best way to play small pairs in no-limit hold’em.

They can be difficult pre-flop and post-flop and leave us in some tricky spots.

We’ve also all scooped some pretty great pots with our pocket pairs, but more often than not they’ll lose us money.

So what’s the trick? How should we be playing them? (more…)

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Profit Squirrel review

Profit Squirrel Review: Our Honest Thoughts

Profit Squirrel is one of the newer faces on the matched betting scene.

They’ve gathered a lot of attention in a short space of time, thanks mainly to — what appears to us, at least — their large social media advertising budget.

It can be hard to avoid seeing a Profit Squirrel advert when browsing Facebook at times!

Because of the huge rise in demand for people looking for their service, we thought it would only be fair to our readers to offer an in-depth and unbiased Profit Squirrel review.  (more…)

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FPL Drinking Rules

Fantasy Premier League Drinking Game Rules

Fantasy Premier League drinking game rules

Use the code below to share these rules on your site

Other players drink if…
Your player scores (3 fingers)
Your player assists (2 fingers)
Your player scores a hat-trick (whole drink)
Your captain scores a hat-trick (whole drink + 3 shots)
You get a clean sheet (defenders only, 2 fingers per clean sheet)
You drink if…
You have taken a points hit (2 fingers per -4)
Your player gets booked (2 fingers)
Your player gets sent off (whole drink)
Your player scores an own goal (3 fingers)
Your player misses a penalty (5 fingers)
Your player gets substituted (2 fingers)
Your captain gets substituted (4 fingers)
Your captain starts on the bench (5 fingers)
You say “I was going to put them in my team this/next week” after someone scores (2 fingers)
You moan that someone you transferred out has now scored points (2 fingers)
You say that someone who has already scored was going to be your captain (3 fingers)
Dele Alli scores and you’re the last person to wave (4 fingers)
Jason Puncheon scores and you’re the last person to dance like Alan Pardew (5 fingers)
EVERYONE drinks if…
Any 4.0 defender scores or assists (5 fingers)*
Any 4.5 midfielder or forward scores or assists (3 fingers)*
*From start of season prices
Any player scores an own goal (3 fingers, double punishment if it’s your own player)
Mike Dean awards a penalty (3 fingers)
McCauley scores (whole drink)

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Angry fantasy football player

Man “Disgusted” with ‘Casual’ FPL Players

An office worker — Ashley, 26 — has said that he is “disgusted” with what he described as “casual” players of the annual Fantasy Premier League game.

“I don’t understand how someone could pay £5 to enter our company’s mini-league and then come up with some of the players that these idiots have,” he said.

“We were able to tinker with our teams since the middle of July so there is absolutely no excuse for it.”

Despite sitting in 14th place out of 17, Ashley remains confident:

“Of the players that have done well so far, I think I picked every single one of them in my pre-season drafts. I was definitely just unlucky to have not selected a single one of them in my actual squad.

“The current leader in our league, Sandra, got her bloody husband to pick her team — I’m sure of it.

“When I got into work this morning, the first thing I mentioned to her was how impressive Harry Kane’s xG was against Newcastle and Chelsea…she looked completely clueless.

“The fact that Kane, my captain, hasn’t actually scored any goals so far this season is completely irrelevant.”

Although he’s been below average in both gameweeks, Ashley is confident that his ‘differentials’ will come good.

“I know that with the hard work I’ve been putting in with heatmap analysis, I will already be near the top of the league by the time the double gameweeks roll around.

“Sure, the DGWs haven’t been kind to me in the last two seasons, but that’s only because of the players and managers deciding to troll us — that’s out of our hands.

“I’ve managed to pick up a few superb, under-the-radar selections that have all proven their point-scoring prowess in recent editions of Football Manager.

“I’ve checked out who Sandra and her husband are following on their joint Twitter account — there’s not a Dinnery or a Crellin in sight…just celebrities and the OfficialFPL account. It’s disgusting.”

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How to Win at Poker

How to Win at Poker: Become a Winning Poker Player

It’s no surprise that you want to learn how to win at poker.

Poker is a great game – it’s fun to watch, read about, study and most fun to play.

Whether it’s with friends casually or for serious money almost everybody has played a few hands in their lifetime and realised the excitement of poker.

Stu Ungar, three-time winner of the World Series of Poker, once said “show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser

There comes a point for everyone where you want to turn a corner, take it more seriously and become a winning poker player.

There’s a big difference between winning once or twice and winning consistently for a long period of time.

There’s different motivations for everyone, some people just want to make money and others want to prove they’re the best.

Whatever the driving force is you’ve made the conscious decision to get better. It’s time for you to learn how to win at poker. (more…)

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Best poker huds

Best Poker HUD 2018: Our Top Picks Revealed!

Online poker has taken the game to the next level.

The sheer number of hands you can play has let people experience all the different situations available.

This experience has translated into big profits for some players and allowed them to excel and crush the games.

Everyone is improving more quickly and coaching/training sites have added to the trend. 

As the industry has expanded, the tools available to assist you have become more varied.

These tools have let people take their game up a notch; allowing them to make better decisions and put in more volume.

The software is made to increase your win rate and help make more money for you.

Online poker has (almost) always been more anonymous, with a much greater focus on the maths behind the decisions.

Tracking software and HUDs let you track every opponent’s ways of playing and therefore allows you an insight into their thought processes.

This makes the game much more real, and brings back the person vs person element.

It also means you can profitably play multiple tables at once, as it’s not essential that you monitor the way every single player is playing.

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Each Way Sniper Review

Each Way Sniper Review: Honest Review & Competitor Comparison

In this review of Each Way Sniper, we’ll be looking at:

Whether the software is a profitable investment…

The benefits and drawbacks of the system…

…and how it compares to its competition.

As always here on GTMB, we’ve gone in-depth with this Each Way Sniper review, so it’s time for you to sit back and enjoy our honest assessment. (more…)

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Record Month

A Record Month! Here’s How I Did It…& How You Can Too

I very rarely talk to you about how much I make from my own matched betting.

Whilst we here at Guide to Matched Betting are typically happy to share everything we know with you, it’s nice to keep a couple of things private, y’know?

We’re here to inform. To teach. To inspire.

Today, I’ve got the opportunity to do something a little different…

…and I’m grabbing the bull by its big, fat, spiky horns.

I’m delighted to say that April 2017 was a record month for me.

Within this post, I’m going to reveal the exact profit figure I earned in that record month.

I’m also going to show you how I went about achieving it with a single set of accounts.

Hopefully you can replicate some of my success over the coming months.  (more…)

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