Profit Maximiser review

Our Honest Review of Profit Maximiser for 2017

Profit Maximiser was the first real matched betting service online.

It was on Profit Maximiser that the owner of Profit Accumulator discovered matched betting, before he then went on to copy the idea for himself.

But we’re well aware that just because it was the first, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best

In this Profit Maximiser review, we look at whether it deserves to be called one of the best matched betting sites in 2017.


What is Profit Maximiser?

Profit Maximiser is a matched betting service that helps you to make a guaranteed profit from free bet offers, deposit bonuses and more.

Generating free bets is a daily occurrence for matched bettors, and Profit Maximiser shows you exactly how to do it.

This service is not for people brand new to matched betting.

For that, they have an alternative service at Bonus Bagging.

Bonus Bagging will teach you how to make guaranteed profits of more than £1,000 from bookmaker sign-up offers.

Profit Maximiser is the follow up to that, and teaches you how to use your accounts to continually generate profits once the sign-ups are complete.

These profits come from bets known as ‘reload offers’.

We always get people asking us:

“How can you do matched betting once you’ve completed the sign up offers? Don’t the free bets run out?

The answer is a resounding no.

The techniques are in place for you to generate profits from offers time and time again (daily) and Profit Maximiser teaches you how to do that.


How Does Profit Maximiser Work?

As we said at the start of this post:

Profit Maximiser is the place where the matched betting boom really started.

It’s where Profit Accumulator copied the idea from, and in turn that has sparked a huge number of matched betting companies to start up.

It’s already become a saturated market, but Profit Maximiser were there first.

The way the company works is simple:

They post daily offers from bookmakers onto their website.

These offers include free bets, price boosts and more.

They then teach you how to make a guaranteed profit on these bets via matched betting.

PM have a range of different tools available to help make your betting process more efficient and your profits more abundant, but we’ll get into those tools in a little more detail later on.

Profit Maximiser costs £99 + VAT for a year’s access and you can get an all-access 14 day trial for just £1 via this link.

This is very good value compared to pricing from its closest competitors (£150+ when including VAT).

Are Profit Maximiser a scam?

Ha! You would not believe how often we get asked this.

Their website is not as slick or flashy as its competitors, and this makes many people believe they’re a scam.

We can say this with 100% honesty and our years of matched betting experience behind us:

Profit Maximiser are absolutely NOT a scam.

Their service is unique and will generate you profits consistently.

In fact, the site owner Mike helps you to try to recoup the entire cost of PM in a maximum of three days – although many users do it in just one.


What is Included with Profit Maximiser?

There are a few different products included with Profit Maximiser and then they have a number of other add-ons that are separate purchases.

Remember, you can get a £1 trial of Profit Maximiser (or just buy it outright) when you go through this link.

It can be quite tricky to narrow down exactly what is included with each when you are first looking to join, so we’ve done this for you below.

Let’s take a look at the tools they have on offer in more detail:


Private Site Access & Tutorials

When you’re a member of Profit Maximiser, you will be able to access the site that is full of handy tutorials.

This includes written guides and videos.

When you’re new to matched betting reload offers, it can be tricky to pick things up at first.


When you have handy resources like these tutorials available, it becomes extremely easy to start making money online at a rapid rate with less stress.

They’re simple and to-the-point, meaning you can pick the process up in no time at all.

The guides are produced in written and video form, meaning you can follow the exact process to complete an offer in whichever format you prefer.



Oddsmatchers help you to find close matches between a bookmaker’s odds and the odds on Betfair.

If you are new to matched betting, you may be wondering how we always know what to bet on…

It’s simple:

We DON’T know!

We’re told.

Profit Maximiser post the offers, and the oddsmatcher finds us the best odds for the job.

We just follow the calculator that the site provides to input the correct back and lay stakes and find out what our profit will be before the event even takes place.

The oddsmatcher can also be used as arbitrage software.

This means you can guarantee instant profits, without even needing a free bet to do so.


Offer Calendar

As well as the fact that Mike will email you all of the day’s offers (every day!) there is also a daily offer calendar on the site.

This is great for double-checking to ensure you haven’t missed anything, or also if you prefer to keep your inbox a bit more streamlined.

It’s also great for staying on top of offers that last for more than just one day – you may leave an offer for the day because you have seven days to complete it…

These offers become easily forgettable when you have many more to get on the next day.

The calendar is a God-send for staying organised when some days there can be so many offers you don’t know where to turn.



The Profit Maximiser forum is situated on Facebook, which is really handy for those that don’t like signing up to too many websites or don’t like having too many windows open.

Being able to simply join a private Facebook group and interact right there on the social networking site can give an efficiency boost for some people.

This Facebook group is where the real magic of Profit Maximiser happens.

We aren’t sure there’s a more tight-knit community of matched bettors and bonus hunters anywhere in the world.

Sharing knowledge and experience at every opportunity, it really is a case of ‘two minds are greater than one’ – except instead of two minds, it’s thousands.

This Facebook group has also been the home for the discovery of a number of casino loopholes that have made people thousands of pounds overnight.

With these loopholes, it’s essential they’re found, tested and hit as hard as possible before they’re discovered by the bookmaker or casino.

We have found that Profit Maximiser has been consistently the best for finding and exploiting (100% legally) these loopholes for profit before it’s too late.

With its competitors, we’ve found it’s often a case of being a bit too late to the party to make the huge profits – although there are always exceptions of course.

We’ve said before that we believe Profit Maximiser is by far the best site for making the most of casino offers, and they’re great for regular matched betting too.


Casino Offers

It’s not just loopholes that the site is up there with the best matched betting sites for, it’s regular casino offers too.

Their biggest customer win came back in 2015, when an anonymous user sent in this screenshot:

huge casino win on Profit Maximiser

If you can’t see that too clearly, it’s a win from a 20p spin on a risk-free offer that was posted on the Profit Maximiser website.

From that 20p spin, the user hit the jackpot and won an insane £597,136.92.

We’ve never seen anything like it, and it’s there with proof of further screenshots on Profit Maximiser.

They’ve had several other big wins, with one win over £200,000 coming around Christmas time in 2016.

Obviously the regular user doesn’t tend to hit wins like this and you have to be very lucky, but it shows that the potential is there which it never is with regular matched betting.

Casino offers tend to be high variance for the most part – although some are 100% risk-free – which means you’ll need a larger bankroll than is recommended for normal ‘back and lay’ type offers.

Whilst we recommend just £100 to start with for matched betting, for hitting the casino offers (or the higher variance ones at least) we’d recommend a bankroll of £1,000 at an absolute minimum – and this is just for dipping your toes in.

As time goes on and you build up your matched betting bankroll, you will be able to allocate 0.5% of your bankroll to a single casino offer which means the amount you can risk will scale as your profits increase.

The more you’re willing to risk, the higher the estimated value of an offer and bigger chance you have of hitting a big win.

We know several full-time casino bettors via Profit Maximiser, and some are certainly enjoying the finer things in life despite never hitting anywhere close to a six-figure win – hey, these are for the lucky few!

Our own biggest win from casino offers is actually shown off in our review of Oddsmonkey, where we won over £1,400 on a risk-free offer.


Email Support

If you ever need any help or guidance on any aspect of Profit Maximiser, Mike is available by email – even at crazy hours of the day sometimes.

We’ve emailed him late at night before and woken up to a response, although of course this can’t be guaranteed – the man needs some sleep!

Whilst almost everything can be found out via the forum or the website, some things such as billing information or general customer service may need private attention, and they’re really good at helping with this.


Add-On Products

Profit Maximiser do have a range of add-on products but unfortunately these cost additional one-off fees.

It is for this reason that we have marked the site down from a perfect 5 to 4.6 stars.

However, they are exceptional products that we think deserve a mention here anyway.

Some of these products are truly unique and aren’t offered in any form by their competitors:

Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Software – this is an add-on product to PM, and includes a more advanced oddsmatcher, horse racing software, in-play odds software and dutching software.

Bonus Bagging – think of this as a dummy’s guide to matched betting. It is for newbies to this money-making method and will take you through all of the sign-up offers.

Accumulator Generator – this will generate you accumulators that are guaranteed to make a profit over a period of time. Yes, you read that right: guaranteed.

Each Way Sniper – this each-way horse racing software allows you to exploit ‘extra place’ horse races to hit potential huge wins for no risk.

EV Maximiser – this casino offer software helps you to understand which offers are profitable and which are not. EV calculators on the internet are mostly inaccurate, you need to be able to simulate millions of spins instantly and that’s exactly what this is capable of. It will tell you how many times you will bust out and how much profit you should make on average.

Betfair Renegade – this finds value bets at the exchange – that’s odds that are overpriced. By betting on these you should get a long-term profit and many do see this.

Betfair Sniper – this horse racing software helps you to trade swings ‘before-the-off’ to lock-in risk-free profit and even hit potential huge wins if you underlay.

Bookie Blowout – this is another horse racing tool which gives you tips the night before a race that can then be laid off before a race for instant profit.

Betting Mastermind – This gives you access to every single product listed in this post.

Remember to get access to Profit Maximiser via this link.

Whilst there are lots of products to choose between, Profit Maximiser is the one we’d recommend most.

…Or if you still have sign-up offers to complete then go to Bonus Bagging via this one.

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