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How to do Matched Betting

Matched betting has changed my life and has changed the lives of all those around me too.

Since starting, I’ve made a consistent profit above £1,000 in every single month of doing it, with many months far above this figure.

This includes the very first month where I learned the match betting process from scratch.

I worked a full-time job for my first two years of matched betting, enjoying this 100% legal, tax-free income alongside my regular 9-5.

Many people do matched betting full-time, but lots prefer to have multiple secure incomes coming in.

We’ve met some good friends on this journey and from a group of around 30 people, our combined profits are over one million pounds.


Learn How to do Matched Betting

Matched betting seems scary and difficult at first, but it really, really isn’t.

It’s becoming the go-to choice of stay-at-home mums to earn a living online – how hard can it be if these ladies can do it whilst juggling all of the challenges that come with parenting newborns.

With just one or two days of getting into the swing of things you could be well on your way to that super-sweet risk-free betting profit.


How Match Betting Works

Matched betting works by using free bets and other bookmaker promotions such as bonuses or refunds to ensure guaranteed profits on sports events.

By covering all outcomes of any sporting event, we are guaranteed to come out with free bets without ever losing the original bet, known as the qualifying bet.

In case it wasn’t made clear enough in the sentence above, ALL possible outcomes are covered on every event – this means it never matters what the outcome of a match or of a race is.

In order to do this, there are two types of bet that we need to place:


The ‘back’ bet

The back bet is the most common form of bet that you’ve likely placed many times in your life before.

‘Backing’ a bet means you’re betting on something to win, for example betting £5 on Manchester United to beat Tottenham Hotspur on Coral.


The ‘lay’ bet

Thanks to online betting exchanges such as Betfair, we’re also able to bet AGAINST sporting outcomes in the form of lay bets.

So with the example above, we’d also lay against Manchester United, meaning the draw and the loss are both covered as you’re simply saying Manchester United will not win this match.


All good, but what now?

Matched betting works by using lay bets to cancel out any risk that a back bet poses.

The two bets above cancel each other out completely, meaning you will break even (or actually make a small loss of about 5p due to commission on betting exchanges) no matter what the outcome of the game is.

The point of the qualifying bet is not to make money, but instead to qualify us for a free bet.

Most bookmaker sign up offers are a simple process of “place one bet and we’ll give you a free bet of the same value”.

This means we’re now ready to use the free bet and earn our profit; your profit will always come from the free bet, and you will always make a very small loss on the qualifying bet.


Using the free bet

We should now have a £20 free bet from Coral as the Manchester United game has finished, and their sign up offer promises a £20 free bet if you stake £5, which we have done with our qualifying bet.

By using the matched betting calculator on OddsMonkey, we can calculate exactly how much we need to put to make the maximum amount of profit, usually around 80% of the value of the free bet, which in this case is £16.

Once that match finishes, we’ll have our £16 profit minus the 5p we loss from the qualifying bet, and be left with a total of £15.95 profit for about 15 minutes work at a maximum.


The Next Step

The next stage of this is to do it for real and earn yourself your first matched betting profits!

Scared to make the jump?

Don’t be.

It’s not a scam.

The quicker you jump in with both feet, the closer you’ll be to becoming much more financially well-off.


Step 1

Sign up for OddsMonkey’s free trial.

With this, you’ll never have to pay if you don’t want to – no awkward cancelling after a certain amount of days or anything like that.

You’ll have limited access to the site, but you’ll get a couple of offers that will enable you to earn up to £45 risk-free profit whilst trying out their tools.

These offers include video tutorials and written guides that will help you get your offers done – you’ll learn how to do matched betting in a matter of minutes with these!

You’ll also get some customer support for if you get stuck with anything.

Personally, I went straight in for the platinum option and did three offers on my first day.

These three offers paid for not just the one month but for over three months worth of membership!

In my first month of matched betting – despite having never learnt matched betting previously – I made enough profit for over seven years worth of membership.

Although I can think of some better ways to spend £1,000+ profit!


Step 2

The second step is to work your way through the sign-up offers on the site.

All of these offers are written in extreme detail, meaning it’s almost impossible for you to go wrong as long as you’re following them carefully.

There are a small number of offers listed on the free trial, and then significantly more (usually 50+) on the premium version.

Many people worry that because they’ve already signed up to several bookmakers, they won’t be able to do matched betting…

This is absolutely NOT the case!

You CAN do matched betting even if you’re already signed up to bookies. In fact, it will help prevent you from being gubbed as you have historic account health through mug bets.

For starters, there are over 40 different bookmakers (and counting) to complete sign-up offers on.

For most people, these will be worth around £1,500 profit alone.


Step 3

After you’ve completed the sign-up offers – which depending on your initial investment can take a bit of time – you can move onto reload offers.

It’s these reload offers that allow even those signed up to all bookmakers already (which is unlikely) to be able to do matched betting.

It’s how all of us experienced matched bettors make our risk-free income every single day.


With these three steps, you’ll be able to learn how to do matched betting in no time.

I’m talking literally a few days at most.

It’s essential for your long-term matched betting success that you sign up to Oddsmonkey, so make sure you get their free trial via this link.

When I was being told about matched betting, I couldn’t get my head around it at all.

However, once I started placing the bets for myself and tracking the profit, everything fell into place straight away.

It’s been exactly the same for everyone else I’ve introduced to matched betting, and I’m sure it will be the same for you too.

If you have any concerns at all about whether you’ll be able to do matched betting, simply get in touch with us via our contact page.

We'll show you the EXACT process we use to generate thousands in risk-free betting profits each year. The simple opt-in below could change your life forever. Seriously.

4 thoughts on “How to do Matched Betting

  1. Hi I like match betting.
    I am in a country where the free offers on signup are not available

    With having that in mind how can i make profits from match betting?

  2. Hi Luke quick question, if the profit comes from free bets how do you make the money as you can’t withdraw the free bet bonus can you? Also I don’t understand this part, “By using the matched betting calculator on OddsMonkey, we can calculate exactly how much we need to put to make the maximum amount of profit, usually around 80% of the value of the free bet, which in this case is £16.” Please can you explain this to me?

    1. Hi Riz,

      You’re correct – you can’t withdraw the free bet bonus. However, we can place a bet on a team using this free bet and then bet AGAINST that team on another site – typically using an exchange like Betfair.

      By using a matched betting calculator (we actually have one right here on the site now) you can easily work out the exact stakes you need to bet in order to maximise your guaranteed profit.

      This guaranteed profit usually works out to around 75-80% of the value of a free bet, so if you had a £10 free bet you could generate £7-£8, if you had a £50 free bet you could get £35-£40 risk-free.

      Play around with the calculator on the option ‘Free Bet SNR’ and see for yourself :)

      Thanks a lot for stopping by!


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